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Property Moisture Inspections

Property Moisture Inspections

To say Australia is a hot country is an understatement. In this, the Sunshine State, we also contend with extreme humidity. In addition to draining your energy and making any physical exertion uncomfortable, it can seriously impact the health and structural integrity of your property.


Yes, seriously.

Excessive moisture level inside your home or commercial premises, can lead to moisture damage, along with mildew and mould (microbial) growth. Issues with dampness and moisture damage aren’t always so easily spotted by the untrained eye. Learning how to prevent moisture issues, and how to repair any existing damage, can mean the difference between a healthy, stable building and one plagued by diminished structural integrity.

Moisture problems are commonly caused by water penetration from leaking roofs, or from rising damp, may not always be easy to spot if damage isn’t visible in the form of discoloured ceiling or wall spaces. Still, mould, mildew and excess moisture may be present on your property and creating problemswithout you being aware.

Improper drainage on your property can also cause its fair share of troubles, as can leaking or burst plumbing pipes, sub-floor obstructions or inadequate sub-floor ventilation. Blocked or overflowing guttering can also lead to moisture damage around a building’s foundation, since the flow of water isn’t being directed away from the structure, as intended. There are many potential causes of moisture intrusion with one common outcome among them: moisture damage to your property.


So, what’s the solution?

Some potential moisture damage can be averted with simple homeowner maintenance. Clearing any clogged guttering and having any plumbing leaks repaired immediately will go a long way. Still, the average homeowner will not be able to diagnose damaged damp-proof courses or inadequate sub-floor ventilation.

This is where the experienced team at DR Floor Care step into the breach and map out any problems and guide you in the rectification process with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Using the latest technology and experience-driven results, our Technicians can pinpoint not only the source, but also the full extent of damage. It may explain why your family’s health has been suffering if a previously-undetected leak has caused mildew and microbial growth. This can lead to conditions such as excessive coughing, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, eye and skin irritation.


By catching potential issues before they become severe and pressing issues, or before you’ve assumed ownership of a damaged property, you can be sure you’re protecting yourself and your interests to the best of your ability.