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Odour Removal

Odour Removal

Odours can really detract from the comfort and enjoyability of your property. In extreme cases, strong odours can make it difficult to live a healthy lifestyle with issues such as breathing difficulties and other medical conditions.

DR Floor Care technicians are trained to efficiently identify the source and eradicate the offending smells through a combination of meticulous procedures and chemicals.


Whether you’ve been through the devastation of a major fire or experienced a small Kitchen fire, smoke odours linger in your home because they get absorbed in porous building materials and objects.  The severity of the smoke odour varies from case to case based on the extent of the fire, size of the house or room, exposure time and burnt materials.

Occupants often make the rookie mistakeof deploying scented candles and air-freshening sprays.  Unfortunately, they only mask the smoke smell. Before our team arrive, you can take steps to reduce your discomfort by airing out your home – open the windows to let out the smoke smell and allow fresh air to come in.  If you feel this isn’t as effective as you would like, activate ceiling and other fans to speed up the exchange.


Once the DR Floor Care are on site, they will make a professional assessment and proceed to focus their attention of the room worst affected, working their way throughout the property until all areas are smoke free. This can include having your soft furnishing such as curtains and drapes professionally dry cleaned.

Solid surfaces will be scrubbed thoroughly to ensure all penetrating particles are removed, using Odor-X and other chemicals which target strong odours.

Many people don’t think to clean window screens and frames, but they capture some of the odour as smoke exits the property. Light fixtures are another area of focus.


Hard floor surfaces are cleaned then mopped several times, rinsing under running water to ensure the area is not re-contaminated.

Carpets and upholstery are professionally and safely steam cleaned. Technicians begin by vacuuming thoroughly with machines fitted with HEPA filters, then finishing with a steam clean to remove not only odours, but pre-existing dirt and restore fabrics.


As lovable and a big part of our families, pets especially dogs, introduce unpleasant odours to our home. For those whose fur babies are almost/exclusively housebound, that doggy smell can really detract from the enjoyment of your home. The problem is exacerbated many times over when they experience that oops moment and inadvertently urinate or defecate on your carpet.

Leave it to the DR Floor professionals to tackle the worst smells and leave your home fresh and odour free.

Chemicals, vacuuming, steam cleaning and other techniques are employed in overpowering animal smells.

Vomit and other bodily fluids

Home remedies are all well and good, but often these quick fixes do more damage to your precious carpets, mattresses and other belongings. Don’t risk your prized possessions – call the caring team at DR Floor Care and they will attend promptly to remove the problem. Knowing how to treat a wide range of fabrics means they can create a tailored plan of attack on whatever situation you find yourself in. Carpets and other surfaces will be restored to pre-loss condition without the danger of water marks and other incidental problems caused by novice DIY clean ups.