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Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture looks and feels great, but like any material, it requires care if you want it to last.

The first rule, as with most things, is to keep it out of direct sunlight to preventing drying and cracking the leather.

The old adage, prevention is better than cure, has never been truer. If you can avoid it, don’t consume food or beverages on your prize sofas and seats. If your furry family members enjoy sitting up with everyone else, designate a special spot and cover it with a blanket or towel.


If something is spilt or food dropped, pick it up immediately. Don’t give it time to be absorbed by the leather, which as a natural material, is highly porous.

Don’t just spot clean when incidents occur; prioritise your leather furniture and clean it regularly. Dirt, dust, sweat, dead-skin calls, human and animal hairs plus any other number of pollutants build up in record time.

Begin by using a micro fibre cloth to dust the surface. Then using a damp cloth, apply a moisturising soap and lather the leather. Rather than rinsing it out, buff until you achieve a high shine.


The very best thing you can do is contact the team at DR Floor Care and have them come out to provide a professional assessment, whereby they can explain their plan of action in caring for your leather furniture at the very highest level.