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Carpet and Fabric Protection

Carpet and Fabric Protection

It’s a given that in life spills and accidents will occur. We spend so much time enjoying our homes, that it’s unrealistic to expect them to remain in pristine condition.

Don’t want to be one “those” people who cover their lounges in plastic or won’t let anyone walk on their prized carpets – homes are meant to be inviting.

So instead of relying on 20-20 hindsight, entrust your sofas, rugs and carpets to the professionals so you can simply relax.


DR Floor Care Technicians will assess your property’s specific needs, so they can formulate a care plan.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, so after your new carpet is laid, furniture delivered, or they’ve just been expertly cleaned, now is the time to protect them. Our caring team are here to extend the life of your most valuable possessions.

Using the latest in fabric protection, surfaces are evenly coated to repeldirt, perspiration, pet hair and all manner of contaminants. It’s amazing how the chemistry works its magic to protect carpets and fabrics for up to three years.

This scientifically-advanced product forms a barrier against most water and oil-based stains, bacteria and UV fading.

Give the crew at DR Floor Care a call and invest in the lifestyle you deserve.