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Busting Pest Control Myths

Busting Pest Control Myths

Termites can’t invade homes with concrete foundations

This is completely false as Termites are relentless in their search for timber. They are small and can find cracks even in concrete or brick and will be able to “dine” on timber even if it is not exposed.


Clean homes don’t attract pests

Another common myth is that cockroaches and other pests only live in filthy homes. Not true as they will they will take up residence in any home if they can find a food source. Cockroaches can also remain hidden if they don’t have to come out to find food. They often choose dark locations and stay out of sight as much as possible.

Rodents may find food sources outdoors, but they want a warm, dry place to live. What could be a better home to a mouse or rat than your ceiling cavity, which is warm and dry throughout the year? They are not as easy to eradicate as you may imagine and are prolific breeders.


Rats and mice are filthy creatures

Rodents can be a nuisance and you don’t want them in your house, but they actually groom themselves constantly and are very clean animals. Rats and mice even have separate areas they use as “bathrooms” and keep their sleeping rooms neat and tidy.

Rodents aren’t attracted to cheese, either. They prefer sweet things, meat, peanut butter and fatty foods over cheese.


When rodents eat poison, they go outside to die

This is a prevalent myth, but it’s not true. It can take anywhere from 4-10 days for a poison to work. When the animal ingests poison, it will go where it feels safe and that may be in your ceiling cavity. It will die a slow death and probably won’t move much, but you’ll soon find its location when it starts to smell.


A cat will keep the rodent population under control

If you don’t feed your cat, it will naturally look for food sources and rodents are a common source of food for wild cats. However, we always feed cats, so they are not as anxious to chase after and kill rodents. They may toy with them but probably won’t kill them. The other problem is that rats and mice hide in places where cats can’t get to them.


Insecticide myths

One common myth about insecticides is that they should be applied after the sun goes down. Insects are present all day and you can use insecticides to control them. However, control alone won’t get rid of many insects. An entire nest of ants won’t come into the home. They come in small numbers and even if you kill the ants you see, more will come later.

Another myth about insecticides is that the more you apply, the better the effect. The opposite may be true because insects can develop a resistance to insecticides. You also need to know the right insecticide to use for different pests and how to apply it most effectively.

Insecticides can also be dangerous if used irresponsibly.Use insecticides sparingly and in areas where children won’t be exposed to them. Many pest control experts now use eco-friendly products that are effective but don’t cause harm to humans or their pets.


Ultrasonic repellents and bug zappers work

In reality, there is little evidence that ultrasonic pest repellents work.  They work on the theory that noises beyond the reach of human beings will drive pests away. The same is true for bug zappers. Mosquitoes are experts at finding blood sources and are not attracted to blue lights and while the occasional mosquito or other flying insects may run into a bug zapper by chance, mosquitoes will still seek out your blood, not a bug zapper.

Only call a pest control expert when you see a problem

By the time a problem with pests is visible, it’s past time to deal with the problem. The best way to make sure pests don’t take over your home is to have regular pest inspections. Don’t forget to have your home inspected for termites, either. Termites can do a great deal of damage in a short amount of time and you may not even know they are in your home.


Mosquitoes come out at dawn and dusk

While it’s true we notice mosquitoes most at dawn, dusk and after dark, they don’t stick to a schedule. Mosquitoes can come out at any time and some mosquitoes are active during the day. They may be more dangerous than the mosquito bites you get at night. Ross River Fever and other viruses are often spread by a mosquito that only bites during the day.


Pest activity disappears after treatment

This is another pest control myth that needs to be uncovered. One treatment may not be enough to get rid of pests. Pests in general breed and you may have more than one source of pests. Their eggs will not respond to most treatments and after they hatch, the problem will return. You may need more than one treatment to get rid of a problem with many types of insects.


Pest control myths uncovered

There are many common myths about pests in the home. These are just the top ten, but others exist. Home solutions don’t always work and sometimes they can backfire on you. The most effective way to get rid of pests is to contact a pest control expert who knows the myths and the truths about common pests. They have methods to get rid of them permanently, but they may have to come to your home more than once to get rid of some pests. Trust the experts and have a pest-free home.